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Empathies - STEAM Challange

Clean water and sanitation is an issue in developing countries affecting 40 percent who are unable to access clean water. The situation has greatly improved since 1990 with 2.1 billion people having access the drinking water supplies are dwindling and affecting every continent.  Though there’s still a huge amount of people in parts of the world that have been drinking and using contaminated water. This is shockingly bad since Contaminated water can contain bacteria, viruses and parasites. This can lead to transmission of diseases such as bad as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio.

Having said that with the availability of new technology, with it’s rapid growth and advancement. It’s reasonably obvious that the way forward is Innovative technological approach.

Furthermore, to our knowledge and understanding of services and marketing we can provide a fair trade and price to our consumers purchasing our product, with a benefit and good outcome. 


Define - Use Case

With our research and understanding. We’ve identified the problem and have thought off the solution for it. Having said that we firmly think a ‘water filtration system’ is one vital method that can be used to filter the contaminated water, for it to be drinkable and safe. With combine use of technology and other materials it can be fairly cheap effective and safe.

Ideate - Solutions

After numerous discussion between our team, and our individual thoughts and ideas with the combined help of senior BCU students. As well as IT technicians. We constantly adapted our method of building our product. With the hopes of it turning out as reliable water filtration system. With individual versatile skills like designing, circuit work, arduino and knowledge of technology/computer systems , and web etc. We combined all of our attributes into depicting  a real life functional water filtration that is cheap, convenient and environmentally safe that works well. To accomplish this we started our prototype and design work.

Prototype - Application

With our previous prototype containing the use of Hardware which will be used as well as metal tubing, water pump system which is powered by solar power and excess power which will be stored in a battery system. As well as the use of a xylem filter. However that was not feasible nor compatible for the prototype as there could’ve been alternative option.

We instead replaced metal tube into, plastic tubing, and a solar battery array to recharge the battery that can power the pump and Arduino. Instead of Xylem filter  dirty water and transport it through pipes into are specialist designed filtration process which will extract dirt & grime out of the dirty water and allowing clean water to go through to the processing tank.  We made 1st prototype depicting this.

Once we had experimented practically seeing what works well with our initial idea. We combined our alternate solution using sensors and dissimilar materials like plastic rather then metal. Thus creating our 2nd prototype which was more developed version of our previous proto type.

Having to put everything together practically to see what works well and what doesn’t we initiated our 3rd and final prototype for the complete and active mechanism. With prototype 1 and 2 we realised what works best with the most impactful outcome. Making sure everything is fit in the correct place with the correct functionality.

Prototype 2

Final Prototype

Test - Results

After all the material used and our prototype experiments we were able to complete our final design and functioning product. Shown below.