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Opportunistic Timeline

Impact on the Market

Our product will have a huge impact on the market as our method of water sourcing and treatment it will allow the opportunity for 2.1 billion people to help be able to drink, sanities and use clean water for agriculture. As well as helping to prevent people from catching contagious diseases it will save time for children who usually collect the water so they can focus more on education and to a further extend help tackle the issue too. With the impact that are product can have it will definitely be highly desirable and required to help resolve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 for Clean Water and Sanitation.
Within the current water cleaning and sanitation market there has been few products and almost none that are a self-sustaining water collection and sanitation device which has the hardware and software to make the process as effective as possible.
The desired impact that this product would have to the market is to pave the way for this product to be the leading introduction for not only helping further development of this device but the improvement of the effect of people benefiting from clean water.

The Future

The future for this product is to be integrated into several system that are already collecting, transporting, and filtering water.
The products future also involves the use of it to being used more commercially for western use and more accustomed to people in the countryside where there is less infrastructure.
The future of this product will naturally develop further into being more technologically advanced and with the constant development of satellite coverage and AI if there are several products that are in use it can create an advanced network that can automatically calculate from historical data what filters are in need of replacing what steriliser needs to be refiled and if a pump has access water while another need more water the system can distribute water appropriately.