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Are product will be using a solar battery array to recharge the battery that can power the pump and Arduino. 

The solar battery array powering the pump will be placed in a water source to collect that dirty water and transport it through pipes into are specialist designed filtration process which will extract dirt & grime out of the dirty water and allowing clean water to go through to the processing tank. 

In the processing tank the water will be treated and tested by using a variety of different sensors within the tank to gain and display the water readings so that the device can change the amount of chemicals added to make the treatment as effective as possible. This is encoded by are Arduino hardware. 

List of Hardware: 

 – Small solar panel- which will help produce the power for the pump system and the sensors​ 

 – USB bank- this will hold the charge from the solar panel​ 

 – Small pump system- to pump the water​ 

 – Plastic Tubing- these are going to be for the water flow​ 

 – Gravel- for filtration​ 

 – Arduino Board​ X2 

 – Wires – to connect the Arduino board with the sensors and the solar panel and pump​ 

 – LCD screen- this will display the sensor output​ 

 – Small buckets- for water collection and to store the dirty water​ 

 – Water bacteria testing kit sensors- to test the water for bacteria​ 

 – 3D printer to print a casing for the software. 



 – Arduino IDE 

 – C++ 

This product is then encased into a specially designed holding cell which will contain the main product
In practice the solar panel will be place into a open area with clear visibility of the sunlight
The pump will be submerged into the nearest water source to collect and transport as much water as possible
This format can be changed to accommodate whatever layout that it is required to be in for ease and effective use.


We managed to overcome multiple challenges over the course of making this product with creative and inventive solutions as outlined:

 – Water that was being brought in by the pump was too much and too fast for the filtration system to process fast enough

 – The internal stability of the device was unstable as water flows through the system

– The pipe connecting to top of the filtration device was unable to connect securely.

– The sensors used have at som points during tests have not been as accurate or has been faulty when working inconjunction with the devices Arduino circuit board.